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The goal of the continuing education programs is to contribute in developing successful schools, a strong community, and a skilled workforce.

The courses, workshops and conferences are designed under the Key Competences for Lifelong Learning. The key competences are essential in a knowledge based society and guarantee more flexibility in the labour force, allowing it to adapt quickly to constant changes in an increasingly interconnected world.

Based on the European Qualifications Framework and Cognitive Perspective of Learning, EuroCsys develops programs using new technologies for education and intercultural tools.

The methodology enhances the learning process through resources in  neurotransmission for brain flexibility and creativity.

Target audience:

  • Those seeking training in a particular skill as well as those preparing for entry level employment.
  • Older adults who want to continue to educate and enrich themselves.
  • Disabled adults: People with special needs who want to get training in a particular area.
  • Individuals wishing to become teachers and trainers.
  • Teachers and trainers who want to further develop their teaching and training skills.
  • Youth who want to develop learning or job skills.

All programs are holistic integrated and based on the principles of digital inclusion and educational neuroscience.

Depending on the course and location there are three methods of delivery:

  • Face to face.
  • E-learning.
  • Blended learning.

All of the programs include: Orientation, assessment, introductory basics training, and a level placement examination.

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