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EuroCsys Projects

Promote quality in education and access to education through the use of strategies and alternatives to make education accessible and permanent for everyone (lifelong learning)

For that purpose vocational orientation and professional tests are offered as well as information for; higher education, continuing education, international student and professor mobility-exchange programs and companies internship programs.

EuroCsys Projects for Educational Access

Educational Access Center supports projects for instructional technology and educational services to schools, training centers and educative institutions. The main target is to help curriculum that promotes access to achieve educational goals for regular students and students with disabilities. The methodology of the project helps learning-facilitators to examine existing curricula for research-based instructional and learning strategies that can be used with all students, according to the lifelong learning key competences.

EuroCsys Projects for Digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion Projects are designed for bridging the Digital Divide in the local community. The support focuses in programs that expand the access to technology for students, learning facilitators and people with disabilities. Students and citizens can be assisted in improving their education, communication and overall quality of life by using technology for the lifelong learning key competences.

EuroCsys Projects for Educational Process

These projects provide educational resources and materials to improve the quality of education, by using technology and holistic strategies to increase effectiveness and efficiency of the learning experience in preparation for the future, the globalization and the transitions in society. The strategies during the project provide enriched learning experiences that bring the student into closer involvement with the physical universe and society. The design and implementation of strategies for the development of knowledge, procedures and attitudes for nationals and international scenarios help learners to perform the tasks required in the practice of their profession.

Evaluation of an international project

This program addresses how to plan, manage and evaluate programs and projects undertaken by international organizations based on the European framework for quality assurance recognizing excellence and best practice in materials, products and services related to b-learning teaching practices.

The approach is applied to programs of development cooperation and programs of organizations dealing with such diverse functions as key competences for lifelong learning, monitoring of cognitive development, and metacognition practices.

For each session, participants will be given readings, will read a lecture on the subject and prepare a brief exercise based on a simulation of a results-based management evaluation that will continue for most of the course.  Then, they will participate in either a live discussion or an on-line chat with the professor focusing on the main questions raised in the readings and lecture, as well in the simulation.  The course project will be to design an evaluation of an international program or project.

Projects are developed in many countries according to the needs and market expansion.

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